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In 2020–2021, I was in Paris when the pandemic hit. Strict confinement rules meant I was no longer able to continue the photographic projects I had planned outdoors in the city. Instead, I decided to revisit a series of 35mm negatives depicting more natural surroundings of mushrooms and wildlife, in contrast to the people and buildings I had become accustomed to.


For me, the series marks a time when I found myself able to slow down and connect more with nature; my intention was simply to investigate an impulse to be alone and connect with something more authentic and true to myself. Deep in the woods, I found that the closer I looked, the more wonders would appear, and the more I saw, the more fascinated I became.


Using the sunlight, I was able to work from my apartment window at select hours of the day to experiment and create. This turned into a meditative process that offered a lot of organic feedback during this solitary period. I can't say that I have looked at mushrooms quite the same since.

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