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Street photography provides Chris the platform to immerse himself in the spontaneity of the present moment, capturing life in the most raw and direct way, where intuition and the subconscious can take over. Between dreams, fiction and reality, he enjoys blurring the lines that can evoke the imagination and transport the viewer to another place.

Often using a 50mm to balance subject and environment in composition with minimal distortion, the lens allows a transparent window or an optimum distance to observe events as they unfold uninterrupted, giving space and time for a scene to develop and grow. Favouring the candid moment, Chris has for a long time been attracted to the city and various public events where more people gather. It is where natural elements like light, shadow, colour and time combine with expressive characters and actions more frequently, making for clearer moment or story. Reflecting a calm and patient temperament with a desire to be invisible, Chris holds a great respect for the way things occur naturally, which is often rewarding when an unexpected beauty emerges from the chaos.

Chris continues to find inspiration from street photography and its accessibility as a medium for mediation, connection and reflection.

It is with great passion that he continues to bring to light the quirky rituals of the things we do as humans; colouring the universal archetypes and modern commonalities that connect us all.

Tripod City is a photo collective founded in 2013 between photographers Chris Lee, Charlie Kwai & Paul Storrie.

The collective curates exhibitions, publishes books and makes films that explore different cultures from three unique perspectives; Charlie's fast and fleeting flash photography, Chris' candid, composed street scenes and Paul's poised portraiture. Together they aim to challenge stereotypes and represent countries and cities today through the people they meet on the streets. To date they have travelled through major cities in Central America, China, Ghana and Mexico.

This anthropological catalogue of works is an ongoing study on the values, gestures and actions of what it means to be human, following modern rituals and ways of living in the city that connect us as one. Fundamentally, the widespread publication and promotion of the works are a celebration of contemporary cultures.

Sweet Dreams - Published 2017 
Edition of 350 - ISBN: 978-0-9933262-4-0

Gold Dust - Published 2016

Edition of 500 - ISBN: 978-0-9933262-3-3

Made in China - Published 2015 

Edition of 500 - ISBN: 978-0-9933262-0-2

'Gold Dust' & 'Made in China' exhibitions

DreambagsJaguarShoes, Shoreditch, London 2016 & 2017

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