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Lockdown is a response to the coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, documenting Paris during the regulations that prevented people to leave their homes without authority, effectively constricting the population to protect the lives of others.


The streets have not seen the city this quiet for an extended period of time since the Occupation of Paris in 1940-1944, after the battle of France was lost to the Nazis. In contrast, the creative hub of artists and writers that Paris had become world known for in the 1920's was lost whilst many people left the city and heavy restrictions and curfews were placed to exercise new law and order.


These photographs aim to capture a similar tension of fear in the air, parallel to recent events involving the pandemic that the President of France is currently comparing to being at war. On the contrary, the focus in this series juxtaposes a tranquillity to the drama, the text serving to internalise events void of direct context, in order to create a personal monologue of disconnection and solitude.

Narratives of the mind, quieten your flight plans,

You stand no longer in the logic of your own time and reality,

Release your expectations, be still,

The earth will move soon if you wait long enough,

Just a little longer now, the ground will finally swallow you whole.

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