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Tramadol - Mira un lobo!

Narrative Music Video (4mins)

The relationship of a suburban couple are put to the test after the woman becomes obsessed with a sock puppet.

Tramadols are small creatures that inhabit most parts of the world. Although they appear cute and vulnerable, they are dangerous and must be avoided! They can consume a person, occupying their every minute and every thought. Some people succumb to the temptation of ‘wearing’ them, but to do so is considered a crime and highly frowned upon, not to mention a serious threat to ones health.

Woman: Stevie Martin

Man: Patrick Evans

Street junkie: Tommie Grabiec

Directed by: Chris Lee & Paul Storrie

Director of Photography: Dominic Holland

1st AC: Mike Hannides

Production Assistant: Sarunas Kemeklis

Special Thanks:

Brian Storrie

Jane Lee

Tim Keeling

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